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Seattle Bus Crash Raises Safety Concerns: Are Duck Boats Safe?

From Seattle, to Austin, to Miami—duck boats are a tourism sensation. They allow vacationers to see the sights of big cities before casting off to explore the waterways. Over the last several years, these boats have increased in popularity, but has that popularity kept us from asking… Are Duck Boats Safe On Thursday September 24th a bus full of international students taking a tour of Seattle was t-boned when a Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle lost control. Over 50 people were injured, and five people succumbed to the injuries they sustained during the crash. Witnesses claim that one of the duck boat’s wheels locked up and caused the crash, and the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) might know why. What Caused The Duck Boat Accident? “Yesterday I mentioned that we found a failure in a component of the left front wheel. The NTSB has learned that Ride the Ducks…
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