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Will a $1 Billion Verdict Affect Hip Implant Lawsuits?

Another ruling is in on one of the Pinnacle hip implant lawsuits, and it represents a major victory for plaintiffs in these cases.  A federal court jury in Texas has ruled that DePuy Orthopaedics—a division of Johnson & Johnson—owes six plaintiffs from California over $1 billion. However, the blow from this case could just be the beginning of J&J’s woes since there are thousands of these cases left to be resolved. How Will Hip Implant Lawsuits Be Affected By the $1 Billion Verdict? In 2013, J&J stopped selling Pinnacle hip implant devices because of health issues being caused by the device. Victims claimed that the metal-on-metal implants were hurting them due to design flaws, and it wasn’t the only J&J product having those kinds of problems. In the same year, J&J paid $2.5 billion to settle over 7,000 other hip implant lawsuits. These lawsuits were for ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement…
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