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After This Settlement, Would You Settle for IKEA Furniture?

Following a series of deadly accidents involving Ikea dressers falling on toddlers, the Swedish company reached a $50 million settlement with the families of the children killed in the fatal IKEA furniture accidents. What’s Wrong with IKEA Furniture? Per a report in The New York Times, Ikea reached a tentative settlement with the families of three toddlers who were each crushed to death by dressers or chests from Ikea’s Malm furniture line. The families filed a product liability lawsuit against Ikea, claiming that the deadly accidents happened because the company’s furniture was poorly designed. In the suit, the families blamed the fatal incidents on the fact that the dressers/chests were unstable due to unsafe design, which led to them falling over and killing their children. In June of last year, Ikea recalled 29 million chests and dressers following the deadly accidents. In addition to the three children of the families…
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Why Is Ikea Recalling Your Furniture?

Losing a child is the worst nightmare of parents all over the country. However, that nightmare has been coming true for many customers who bought Ikea dressers. There is a danger hidden in some of the Swiss furniture company’s products, and you need to know about those dangers. Why Is Ikea Recalling Your Furniture? It was Valentine’s Day when a young couple had to face their worst nightmare. A mother had just put her 22-month-old son down for his daily nap when tragedy struck. While checking in on the boy, she noticed that he wasn’t in bed. After searching the room, she noticed that the boy’s dresser had fallen over. She rushed over and quickly discovered that her boy was under it. Paramedics rushed the boy to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. Such a tragedy rocked this family, but their story is also bringing about change….
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