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Colson Hicks Eidson Fights Medical Negligence With New Case

Vincent Chambers went to his doctor in June of 2012, complaining of back pain. His doctor ordered an MRI and found several lesions around the man’s spine. His orthopedist immediately referred him to Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) where he spent ten days undergoing a battery of tests. At the end of those ten days Chambers was released from the hospital with no diagnosis. After that, Chambers was constantly visiting Palm Springs Family Care as his condition worsened. In January 2013, he visited a rheumatologist who believed he had rheumatoid arthritis and gave him a shot of Humira. Unfortunately, Humira can suppress the immune system, and so Chambers’s condition quickly worsened and he was forced to go back to ORMC. Unable to treat him, ORMC transferred Chambers to University of Florida Health—Shands Hospital where he underwent new tests and was quickly diagnosed with tuberculosis. He was administered treatment but the…
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