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Just How Dangerous Are Concussions to Student Athletes?

If you are a fan of the NFL, then you have probably noticed a change in the game recently. New rules have been rolling out and all these rules seem to have one goal, to lessen the severity of impacts. But why is the NFL trying to make hard hitting tackles less severe? The answer may lie in new discoveries about concussions, and those discoveries could affect your student athlete too. How Dangerous Are Concussions? More and more studies are finding athletes with CTE—chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This condition is marked by the buildup of proteins that eventually cause cell death in brain tissue. It has been blamed for depression, suicidal behavior, as well as violent behavior in athletes, and medical professionals agree that it’s caused by multiple concussions and other sports-related head injuries. This has led to several lawsuits against the NFL since players suffered injuries that may have led…
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