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Nuclear Runoff In Biscayne Bay? What Is The Government Doing About This Problem?

The University of Miami has found something that could affect everyone living in Coral Gables and the surrounding area. A spike in the radioactive element called tritium could indicate a problem that the Florida Power & Light company has ignored for years, but what do Floridians need to know about this contamination? Is There Nuclear Runoff In Biscayne Bay? The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and the Tropical Audubon Society have warned FPL that it needs to clean up its act or they are taking the power company to court. This in response to a U of M study released March 7 indicating that Biscayne Bay has 215 times the normal amount of radioactive tritium in its surface water. FPL spokesperson Rob Gould says that this is still 78 percent lower than the EPA standard for drinking water, but the environmental groups say that the spike is proof that the…
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