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Pedestrian Crash—What Should I Do?

Back in November, a Coral Gables postal worker was walking to work when he was struck and run over by an inattentive parallel parker. The driver didn’t realize she had hit a pedestrian and ran over the man a second time when she shifted the vehicle into drive. The postal worker sustained head injuries but survived the ordeal. He had just turned in his notice of retirement before the accident happened. How Common Are Pedestrian Accidents? This pedestrian survived his accident, but not everyone is so lucky. In 2011, Florida’s pedestrian fatality rate was almost two times the national rate, and 499 people died from pedestrian traffic accidents the year before. Our state has taken measures to increase the safety of every person walking in our state, and we want you to know how you can do your part. How Can I Avoid A Pedestrian Crash? Remember to use crosswalks…
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