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Is It Safe to Island Hop on Small Planes?

How safe is it to island hop on small planes? Recently, a 15-year-old Atlanta girl was killed in a small plane crash in Puerto Rico while on a flight from San Juan to Culebra Island. Per WRBL-TV, the Air America plane crashed off the coast of Pinones, which is east of San Juan. Reportedly, the plane had just taken off from Puerto Rico’s main international airport in San Juan prior to the crash. In addition to claiming the life of the 15-year-old girl, two of the girl’s travel companions, a 14-year-old girl and her 48-year-old father, suffered severe burns in the crash and were hospitalized. The plane’s 22-year-old pilot was also injured in the incident. People who were swimming and sunbathing near the crash site rescued the pilot, 14-year-old girl and 48-year-old father. They reached the crash site using kayaks. As of this writing, the cause of the plane crash…
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Engine Failure Causes Plane Crash: Passengers Survive

They had left the airport only a few minutes earlier when the low oil pressure light came on and warned a Canadian Armed Forces pilot that his engine was about to cut out. He and his wife were flying to Virginia when the engine failed, causing a fiery plane crash that the couple was lucky to survive. “We just spun around super quickly,” the pilot’s wife explained to reporters. “As soon as we touched down there were orange and red flames everywhere.” How Did They Escape The Plane Crash? Those flames burned her husband as he exited the craft and helped his wife from the burning wreckage. He suffered burns on the left side of his body, but his wife was spared any severe injuries. The pilot is now recovering at Ryder Trauma Center where he celebrated his 53rd birthday surrounded by family. Why Did The Plane Crash? The Broward…
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Plane Crash Victims’ Wives Open Wrongful Death Suits

In February, a Beech 1900 airplane crashed two miles outside of the Miami Executive Airport (also known as Tamiami Airport). The two crew members and two passengers did not survive the crash, and the questions that haunt this incident have led the victims’ families to seek justice with our firm. The plane was owned by a security company based in Venezuela, and it was on a maintenance trip to Florida. It was scheduled to refuel in the Turks and Caicos before returning to South America, and before the trip, two men were offered seats to fly back with the crew. Minutes after takeoff, one of the plane’s engines failed, and the crew requested to turn around and make an emergency landing. For reasons unknown, the plane approached the landing strip too low, collided with a utility pole and crashed. The two passengers, one a business owner and the other an…
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