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Court Rules In Uber’s Favor: How Could This Affect You?

On December 3rd the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) handed down a verdict involving two Uber drivers and whether they should be classified as employees or as independent contractors. This ruling will determine whether these people receive proper benefits and consideration from Uber, but it could also affect how you experience the ridesharing community. Court Rules In Uber’s Favor Uber has faced scrutiny all over the country about whether or not its drivers can be considered employees or independent contractors. The difference between the two designations would determine if the company was required to give certain benefits to these drivers based on the required levels in each state. Having to treat these drivers like employees would cut into Uber’s profit margins dramatically, so the verdict from the DEO has helped the company breathe a sigh of relief. “The technology is novel and the economic transformation is important, but the…
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