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Tremont Towing—Stars Of South Beach Tow— Have Been Sued! Can Illegal Towing In Miami Be Stopped?

How many times have you parked your car in a perfectly reasonable spot only to find it gone after you return from your errands? It is an unfortunate part of life in Miami. Towing companies all over the city regularly tow vehicles that they have no right to tow, and these companies also add illegal charges to the bill when drivers go to pick up their cars. But is there something you could do to keep this from happening to your car? Can Illegal Towing In Miami Be Stopped? A report by Local 10 News in Miami recently uncovered that city-approved companies were overcharging the people that they were towing. An audit by the station showed upcharges, time charges and unexplained charges that were forbidden by agreements made with the city. After exposing these overcharges, the news report also discovered that police efforts to control these towing companies were lacking….
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