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Are Older Truck Drivers Putting You In Danger?

Did you know that there is a truck driver shortage? According to some estimates, around 48,000 truck drivers are needed to fill seats at trucking companies. And since almost 70 percent of the country’s goods are shipped by truck, a shortage like this could spell disaster for the economy. So how are shipping companies making up for this shortage? They are hiring older truck drivers, and that might be putting you in danger on the road. Could Older Truck Drivers Be Too Dangerous for the Open Road? A family of four from Oklahoma City was travelling to St. Louis when a truck flipped and rolled over their car. No one in that car survived, and six other people died as the truck rolled over two more cars. The man driving that tractor trailer was 76 years old. In New York, a 74-year-old truck driver lost control while carrying a load…
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