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How Long Does It Take To Clean An Environmental Disaster Like an Oil Spill?

Not long ago we told you about the controversy surrounding the Florida Power & Light company (FPL) and a plume of saltwater laced with radioactive tritium moving toward the Biscayne aquifer. Well, there has been a development in the case, and every resident of Coral Gables needs to be informed of this new twist. How Long Does It Take To Clean An Environmental Disaster? The environmental effects of canals constructed to contain used cooling water from the Turkey Point nuclear reactor have been a concern for residents of our community since the canals were constructed in the 1970s. Monitoring wells meant to gauge the spread of super salty water from the canals fell out of usage, and this lapse has been a contributing factor to the recent discovery of a plume of salt water that could threaten our drinking water. However, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has taken…
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