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Was an Entire Town Exposed to Toxic Chemicals?

Not too long ago, we talked to you about a revolutionary technology that could help plaintiffs prove that they were exposed to toxic chemicals. This advancement could help balance the scales when it comes to taking a toxic tort lawsuit to court, but you don’t always need new tech to prove toxic exposure. Take this latest toxic tort case for example… Why DuPont Settled a Lawsuit for $671 Million Parkersburg, West Virginia has a problem. It is right next to a Chemours/DuPont plant that seems to have a little leak. Experts say that the water supply near Parkersburg has been contaminated by perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This chemical is used in the production of Teflon coated pans, waterproof jackets and microwave popcorn. There’s only one problem—it’s known for causing diseases like testicular cancer and kidney cancer. The people of Parkersburg were shocked when they heard about the contamination, and so they…
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