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Act Now For Xarelto Suits: Time Running Out

We have been keeping you up-to-date on the progress of the Xarelto multidistrict litigations, so we wanted to let you know that time is running out for any victims who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones due to this potentially harmful drug. Act Now For Xarelto Suits On September 17th, Judge Eldon Fallon signed a court order to begin…
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Xarelto Cases Fast Approaching Court Date

More news on our continued coverage of the Xarelto mass tort cases: June 11th is fast approaching, a significant day for members of the Xarelto federal multidistrict litigation. That day is when the attorneys for the plaintiffs get to present their scientific evidence to the court, and drive home their claims that they have linked bleeding complications to improperly disclosed…
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Xarelto Lawsuits Progress as Court Approves New Documents for Plaintiff Filing

The lawsuits concerning the pharmaceutical drug Xarelto picked up steam this past week as documents allowing for coordinated pretrial proceedings were approved in the U.S. District Court in Eastern Louisiana and in Pennsylvania’s Court of Common Pleas. As this blog has noted in the past, plaintiffs have asserted that the blood thinning drug causes uncontrollable bleeding, and that the bleeding…
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