Takata Making More Replacement Kits for Defective Air Bags

There has been yet another development in our ongoing coverage of the Takata airbag saga. According to Business Insider, as scrutiny of Takata continues to mount related to its allegedly defective airbags, the company has responded by ramping up production of replacement kits for the recalled airbags.

Reportedly, Takata will double its production of airbag replacement kits over a six-month period, increasing its output from 450,000 a month in March 2015 to 900,000 a month by September 2015.

Although Takata has yet to issue a recall, automakers that have vehicles with Takata airbags installed in them have combined to recall around 20 million of their autos. As we have reported, the airbags are alleged to shoot shrapnel at occupants when deployed during an accident, which has so far resulted in around five fatalities worldwide. 

How Can a Defective Product Lawsuit Help Keep a Company from Hurting More People?

In the video above, injury lawyer Patrick Montoya explains how in addition to helping victims and their families hold negligent companies accountable for their pain and suffering, filing a defective product lawsuit can help prevent the company from hurting more people with its dangerous practices.

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Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/afp-takata-to-double-output-of-replacement-airbags-2015-3

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