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How Did Termites Cause A Traumatic Brain Injury?

January 18, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

In a South Florida children’s hospital, a 10-year-old boy is trying to recover from a traumatic brain injury linked to chemical poisoning. His parents, who were also allegedly poisoned, are now planning a lawsuit against the companies they blame for the injury, and many are now asking, “how did such an accident ever happen?”

Why Was The Family Allegedly Poisoned?

A family of four living in Palm City discovered that their home had been invaded by termites, and so they wasted no time in calling exterminators to come out and kill the pests. The family temporarily moved from their home and Terminix sent a subcontractor called Sunland Pest Control Services to fumigate the home. When the job was finished, the exterminators told the family it would be safe to move back in on Sunday August 4th, but something was wrong.

What Did The Poison Do?

When the family moved back in, they all immediately fell sick, but the 10-year-old was suffering the most. He started to exhibit seizure-like symptoms and was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with chemical poisoning. The rest of the family recovered quickly, but the 10-year-old remained unable to move or speak. Doctors reexamined him and discovered a traumatic brain injury, which the boy may never fully recover from.

Could This Have Been Prevented?

Exterminators have special equipment that can both detect and remove dangerous chemicals after a fumigation, and neglecting to properly use that readily available equipment could make them liable for the resulting injuries. Victims of this type of negligence shouldn’t wait: contact an experienced injury attorney immediately if you’ve been injured. The lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson have years of experience helping the victims of neglect, professional malpractice, and traumatic brain injury. To learn more about what we do, keep following our blogTwitter and Facebook.

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