The Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse was Avoidable

By now, you have probably seen the footage on television. The stage at the Indiana State Fair collapsing and killing seven people and injuring dozens of others as others watched. Earlier this month, plaintiffs filed the first class action lawsuit, according to The lawsuit names the Indiana State Fair Commission, State of Indiana and various companies that installed the stage as defendants.

The lead plaintiff in the case is a woman who did not suffer injuries in the stage collapse, but she allegedly suffered “severe emotional trauma” by witnessing the devastation. Her attorney hopes to gather other plaintiffs suffering from injuries and emotional trauma from the accident.

While the plaintiff’s lawyer believes in the lawsuit’s merits, other attorneys remain skeptical. One lawyer said the victims suffered injuries that are too broad and not common enough to group into a class action suit.

Weather experts say the tragedy was completely avoidable. Indiana meteorologists alerted state fair officials as early as 1 p.m. about incoming severe weather and high winds, said One meteorologist said that when there is a warning, you have to act immediately. The National Weather Service sent warnings of 60 mph wind speeds to state fair officials.

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