Too Many Holes in Police Officer’s Story: Families Get $6.5 Million

Last month, Chicago’s City Council Finance Committee approved a $6.5 million settlement in connection with a lawsuit involving a police car that struck two children in May 2004, according to the Chicago Tribune. The 8-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl were crossing the street when an unmarked police car hit them.

The boy died two days after the incident, and the girl suffered a fractured skull and a loss of hearing for four months. The officer driving the car said he was pursuing a vehicle after seeing the vehicle’s driver pull a gun on someone. The officer claimed he turned on the lights and siren and began chasing the suspect. The only problem with his excuse is that none of the accident witnesses saw the officer pursuing any vehicle. Furthermore, the police could not locate the vehicle he described.

Putting more holes in the officer’s story was the fact that he did not get the required approval for a pursuit from his superior officer. Of the $6.5 million settlement, the girl receives $590,000 and the boy’s family receives the remainder.

It is hard to put a dollar amount on someone’s life, especially an 8-year-old boy with his whole life ahead of him. While money can never replace a life, give credit to the Chicago City Council for easing the family’s loss even a little bit.

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