Could Tread Separating from a Tire Cause a Dump Truck Crash?

Recalled auto componentsTragically, a dump truck driver was killed in late October in a rollover accident that was caused by the tread separating from one of the vehicle’s tires. The incident took place near Pine Hills, Florida on a Wednesday morning along State Road 408, according to WFTV-TV.

As the dump truck was traveling west on SR 408, it lost control when one of its tires blew out. After losing control, the truck slid on the operating wall and slammed into a toll plaza support column. Investigators believe the 49-year-old dump truck driver lost control of his vehicle because tread separated from his tire.

The 49-year-old truck driver died at the scene. Officials from the Florida Highway Patrol were looking into whether the tire that caused the wreck was part of a recall at the time of this report.

What Could Cause the Tread to Come Off a Tire?

Common factors that could lead to treading coming off a tire include:

  • Improper tire repairs
  • Tire over inflation
  • Neglecting proper maintenance
  • Design errors
  • Manufacturing mistakes
  • Not receiving warnings to replace old tires

Lawyers That Handle Tread Separation Accident Cases

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