Twenty DePuy Lawsuits Filed Every Day

A recent blog post told you how the DePuy hip replacement device made it to the market. Since then, over 26,000 patients have filed lawsuits alleging serious injuries and complications from the device. According to, there are approximately 20 new DePuy cases filed every day. The lawsuits continue to pile-up even though the device has not been on the market since August 2010.

The allegations stem from claims that the DePuy device broke down inside patients’ bodies and caused metal poisoning. Furthermore, plaintiffs claim that the manufacturer knew of the risks but failed to warn patients of them. Last August, Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Orthopaedics revealed data showing that up to 13 percent of the devices could fail in the first five years. Recent research suggests that the early failure rate could be even higher.

The failure rates mean that patients require additional surgeries to remove the implant. Since the lawsuits began, patients have thought that Johnson & Johnson would make a reasonable settlement offer to plaintiffs. However, that has not happened and the lawsuits will likely continue to pile-up.

If you have a DePuy hip replacement system, have you experienced any problems or failure with the device?

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