Are Swimming Pools Dangerous?

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May 9, 2017
Colson Hicks Eidson

Swimming pool safety is an issue that parents and homeowners must consider when deciding to install or visit a pool. There are several reasons people, and children in particular, may suffer injuries while using a swimming pool, such as a defective gate, a lack of no diving signs, electrical hazards or the design of pools. So, are swimming pools dangerous? In this video, personal injury attorney Mike Eidson explains several reasons why swimming pool accidents happen by discussing prior cases handled by the firm.

Video Transcription:

We’ve handled a number of swimming pool accidents over the years. Usually those arrive out of a defective gate. And usually where these cases arise, you can sue the manufacturer of it because it’s defective, doesn’t work right, doesn’t stay locked, too complicated to operate, or it just wears out. The second type is the design of the swimming pool itself. The law requires you to put “no diving” on any public swimming pool that has an area of the swimming pool less than a certain depth. Anything that is three feet or less has to say “no diving.” And diving accidents we’ve seen, are one of the worst types of accidents. You have neck injuries and you have brain injuries. The third type is an electrical short. We’ve had people electrocuted. I had a case one time that happened in Costa Rica that involved an electrocution at a fine hotel down there. We brought that case here. Another type is a drain. These have a powerful suction. And a drain could come loose if it’s not manufactured right. And we unfortunately had a case where a child got sucked into the drain and before anybody saw it, they drowned. And we were able to change the design of the cover, where the drain was located. So all of those could lead to a lawsuit, and those are things also you should be careful about if you have a child. Call Colson Hicks Eidson, 305-476-7400. Or go to our website for more information.