Being Investigated for Insider Trading?

White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers That Handle Insider Trading Cases

In this video, litigation lawyer Curtis Miner discusses how the law does not provide a definitive definition for what constitutes as acts of insider trading. From the corporate businessman who uses confidential trade information to gain a profit to an investor accused of committing financial misconduct, our team of white collar crime attorneys can work to protect your rights and guide you through this stressful time. Speak with us today for more information.

Video Transcription

What constitutes insider trading? That’s a great question, because there are people that will say it’s never been clearly defined under the law and there is a lot of gray area. Certainly, there’s some kinds of insider trading that are clearly insider trading. Director of a public corporation becomes aware of confidential business information of the company, perhaps that they are about to be taken over by another company, and decides to make a trade in the stock and buy a bunch of the stock or buy options on the stock in order to benefit from that confidential information. That’s a no-brainer. That’s insider trading.

As you go further and further out from that example, there are areas where you get into real gray areas where an honest businessman, an honest trader in stocks, an honest investor may find that they have potentially run in to that gray area and find themselves the subject of an SEC investigation, or worse, a criminal investigation. For more information, you can give us a call at (305) 476-7400 or visit our website: