What are the Benefits of Having an Attorney Represent Me?

Injury Lawyer Natalie Rico Offers Free Consultations

When you choose us as your attorneys, we explain everything about the legal process in terms everyone can understand. As injury attorney Natalie Rico explains in this video, there is no charge to schedule a consultation with our firm, and we will let you if you case warrants a lawsuit.

Video Transcription:

The benefit to a client from having an attorney at Colson Hicks represent you is really the client attorney relationship. We take a lot of care and a lot of pride in how we deal with our clients. It’s very, very important for us to foster those relationships and for the client to feel comfortable with the course of the litigation, and also how informed they are.

In order for us to review any potential case, it costs nothing to a potential client. We’re happy to review any potential case that someone believes that they have. We will always give you an honest assessment of where we think that case can go.