Can a Plane Manufacturer Be Sued for a Plane Crash?

Nationwide Plane Crash Attorneys in Florida Answer

Is an airplane manufacturer ever liable for plane crashes? In this video, nationwide aviation accident attorney Curtis B. Miner discusses how defective parts can be responsible for plane malfunctions that lead to plane accidents. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a plane crash, call our Florida aviation accident attorneys handling international cases at (305) 476-7400 or fill out our online case review form.

Video Transcription:

When can airplane manufacturer like Boeing also be responsible for an aviation accident? The classic example is where there’s some problem with the aircraft itself and not just the way the pilots handled it. For example, in the recent Asiana crash landing case in San Francisco. Obviously, a lot of the attention has been on the training and the skill and the actions of the pilots as they made the approach to San Francisco Airport. But there’ve also been reports by the pilots, by Asiana Airlines, that there may been a problem with the autothrottle. That’s a particular component of the autopilot system on a Boeing 777 aircraft. That’s something that’s clearly to be looked into in that case and something that the NTSB is looking into as well.

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