Can a Head Injury Get Worse?

Miami Brain Injury Lawyer Explains Hidden Symptoms of TBI

Traumatic brain injuries often have hidden symptoms as well as symptoms that do not show up for an extended period of time. Immediate medical attention and monitoring is needed for any person who suffers a brain injury. In this video, Miami TBI lawyer Joe Kalbac recalls one of his past cases, where a TBI victim nearly lost his life due to the delayed effects of brain injury.

TBI can lead to physical, emotional and cognitive effects, some of which can be lifelong. The costs of treatment, rehabilitation and special equipment can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have suffered a TBI, you need a strong advocate to fight on your behalf.

Video Transcription:

If someone is injured on a property, for example, bumping their head, I would advise that person, obviously, to get medical treatment as soon as possible. Brain injuries sometimes don’t manifest themselves initially. Sometime, they don’t manifest themselves till sometime later. For example, I represented a professor at the University of Miami who was a genius. He was involved in a fall where he injured his head. He went to the emergency room, he was treated, examined, his wife was actually a physician, and he was treated and went home. And three weeks later, he was sitting in his office and all of a sudden, because of a subdural bleed or bleeding in his brain, he needed to be rushed to surgery and within 15 minutes he was in surgery, and it saved his life.

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