What Can I Do After Being Hurt on a Cruise?

Miami Cruise Ship Lawyer On Types of Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise ship injuries can happen for many reasons, but many reasons have a common denominator: negligence of a third party. In this video, Miami cruise ship injury attorney Joe Kalbac details possible ways a cruise ship patron can be harmed and what they can do about it.

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Video Transcription:

I’m Joe Kalbac, a partner at Colson Hicks Eidson. We have extensive experience working with individuals injured while vacationing on cruise ships, including when people are injured or assaulted while participating in cruise ship sponsored shore excursions. Shore excursion incidents happen on recreational trips sold by the cruise lines. This may include snorkeling, boating trips, waterskiing, parasailing and jet skiing. These activities can be extremely dangerous if the cruise line employees fail to take proper precautions or are otherwise negligent with their guests. Moreover, medical facilities onboard a cruise ship or at ports of call may be inadequate to deal with serious injuries from such accidents. Besides injuries from recreational activities, cruise lines have a duty to keep their passengers safe from danger and to warn of known dangers in ports of call. We have seen cases where cruise passengers have been robbed, assaulted and seriously injured due to the cruise line’s failure to warn passengers.

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