Can I Sue a Foreign Company?

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May 5, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Miami Injury Attorney Explains International Jurisdiction

Generally speaking, it is best to engage in personal injury litigation against companies in the United States, because we have very favorable laws that allow you to seek the maximum possible damages for the company’s negligence. Just because a company is foreign, though, does not mean you do not have the potential to bring your lawsuit against them in the United States. In this video, Miami personal injury attorney Patrick Montoya explains international jurisdiction. If you have suffered injuries, you deserve the maximum possible damages from the party responsible.

Video Transcription:

The rules of international jurisdiction are very complicated. One of the things that we look at when we investigate any case is where can we bring the case, what court has jurisdiction over the case. Even if you’re injured in a foreign country, we may still be able to bring your claim in the United States and that is oftentimes based on the liability of the manufacturer of the product if there was a faulty product, or the contacts that they have in the United States if they were doing business here, in other words. So it’s very important for you to hire an experienced lawyer who understands the proper type of investigation to see whether your claim can be brought in the United States or in the foreign country where you were injured. We believe it’s to your advantage to fight a lawsuit in the United States. Many countries have very restrictive laws on the amount of compensation that you can receive. In other words, we’d be very concerned if you had to sue a company in a foreign jurisdiction that you would receive full compensation for your injuries. Many countries have caps on damages. Many countries may not award damages for your pain and suffering, your mental anguish, your emotional distress. In the United States, we often are able to recover those areas of damages for you.

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