Can Medical Negligence Cause Breast Cancer?

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October 31, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Florida Malpractice Attorney Explains Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Dangers

Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer is entirely preventable, yet it leads to much unnecessary pain and suffering for victims. In this video, Florida medical malpractice attorney Deborah J. Gander discusses her personal history with delayed diagnosis of breast cancer cases and how her work has led to changes in the way medicine is practiced.

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Video Transcription:

One of the areas of medical negligence that I’ve done most of my work in throughout the decades is breast cancer. That’s very sad because breast cancer is such a treatable disease if it’s caught at the earliest opportunity. What we see a lot is that doctors who are overworked and over rushed are looking at mammograms rapidly and quickly and are not catching what is there to be seen. And so when a woman or patient comes in, she does her yearly mammogram as she’s supposed to do and the mammogram shows a problem that should trigger further looking into, but a doctor who’s looking at it too quickly doesn’t see it. The woman’s next mammogram is probably a year away. During that time, cancer is growing unchecked, untreated, and her chance of surviving and beating this cancer is diminishing on a daily basis.

We do a lot of breast cancer cases. One of the most meaningful cases I had was where at a mediation that did resolve the case, the gynecologist and his assistant came in to speak to my client and say, “We want you to know that we apologize for what we’ve done and that we have changed our practice in the way we practice our medicine so that what happened to you will never happen in our practice again.”

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