Can Security Video Help My Car Accident Case?

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May 9, 2017
Colson Hicks Eidson

In the modern world, many events occurring in public are recorded. Security cameras, dashboard, traffic and mobile phone cameras are everywhere. These cameras may sometimes catch footage of car accidents, which may then be used to determine liability. However, some of these cameras record over old footage in a matter of days, so it is extremely important to hire an attorney early on in your car accident case. In this video, car accident lawyer Joseph J. Kalbac Jr. explains the process of finding and using video footage as evidence.

Video Transcription:

Well, like social media, everyone has a cellphone. Everyone’s cell phone has a camera. And everything gets videotaped these days. It’s just a matter of finding it. So in terms of preserving evidence, discovering evidence, it’s huge. And you just have to find out who took the videos. One of the first things we do when you retain us, if it’s an accident where we need to find out what happened, is we scour the area. We surveille the area to see if there are cameras and who has cameras. There’s cameras many, many times all around and in all kinds of buildings. It’s important for us to get involved early because of a lot of the cameras that are on buildings tape over their tape every 30 days, sometimes 20 days. So it’s important that we get retained early. It’s important that we get involved in the case and then we can do that and obtain that information. But then on the private side, like I said, everyone’s got a cellphone, everyone’s got a video camera, and everybody likes to videotape it, and everybody likes to post it on YouTube. You’d be surprised I think, to find out how many times just looking at YouTube we found footage of accidents that we’re involved in or situations that we’re involved in. Most police officers these days have dash-cams in their cars. And as you probably know now that the new trend is that the officers are going to start wearing body cameras. I have a case where a police officer was involved in a crash and the whole thing was caught on the dash cam in clear, clear, clear HD quality video. And it leaves no doubt as to what really happened and sometimes it helps the police and sometimes it doesn’t. I have a case where they tasered a young man to death and it was all caught on video and that’s not going to help them very much. My name is Joe Kalbac. If you need more information, please call me at area code 305-476-7400. Or call our firm Colson Hicks Eidson at the same number. Or feel free to visit our website at