Common Diving Injuries

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February 11, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Injury Lawyers for Premises Liability Cases

In this video, accident attorney Mike Eidson explains the responsibilities of swimming pool owners, waterpark owners and cruise lines have to ensure your safety while enjoying the water. This includes posting adequate warning signs as well as providing verbal warnings about the possibility of sustaining diving injuries in certain depths of water. The injury attorneys of Colson Hicks Eidson have worked on behalf of numerous individuals and families dealing with life-altering injuries and fatalities because of diving accidents in Florida and internationally. Contact our injury attorneys if you or a loved one suffered catastrophic personal injuries due to someone else’s actions or inactions.

Video Transcription:

You shouldn’t dive in any body of water where you don’t know the depth. I’ve seen people suffer these catastrophic, paralyzing injuries diving from the beach into the ocean. Where there was a drop off, where there was a rock and they dove in, they hit it headfirst and they suffered paralysis. I’ve seen it more than once off the dock. I saw one where a cruise line allowed people to go into a shore excursion. They went to an island, they came back, they dock the boat, the guy gets out of the boat. He climbs up a ladder to the dock, they’re hot, and he dives into the water and breaks his neck. There was no warning sign, nobody told him not to do it. Other people were doing it, he didn’t know it was dangerous. It was too shallow to dive. I’ve seen it into swimming pools, most common is into a swimming pool. Almost always you see it where the pool is not marked, or where the sign that tells you not to dive that you might have read is off in the corner or not posted at all. The law requires anybody who operates a swimming pool to have a “No Diving” sign. That sign should be in a place, it should be big enough letters to read. No diving is the biggest danger that you have with a swimming pool besides drowning. I know we want these pools to be pretty, I do too. But we need to tell people about a hazard that we recognize. We have that swimming pool, we owe them a responsibility to warn them about a dangerous condition like this.