Confront Companies About Dangerous Practices

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March 2, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Defective Product Attorney Patrick Montoya Holds Corporations Accountable

If a company is making dangerous products, asking them politely to stop will not change anything. Defective product attorney Patrick Montoya will hold companies accountable when they refuse to adopt safe policies. Through civil litigation, we can help create a safer environment.

Video Transcription

One of the great things about being a trial lawyer is being able to effect change for people, not only your individual clients, but making society safer as a whole. We’ve had the opportunity over the years through various cases to actually affect legislation and to have corporations change their dangerous practices.

One example would be in aviation. We handled several cases against a helicopter company that their helicopter blades would delaminate or basically come apart during flight, and this was happening over and over and over again. As we got the cases, we litigated them heavily and eventually through responsible litigation, and unfortunately, the company is having to payout settlements and verdicts, they changed their practice.

When you ask a corporation to do something and to act responsibly, often times they don’t respond unless there’s going to be a monetary penalty. In other words, a verdict. You can ask and ask and ask, but they won’t do the right thing until they’re forced to do something economically.

That’s where as a trial lawyer, you can really make a difference. Again, not only in the individual client’s life, but also to the society as a whole. That helicopter manufacturer, they changed the way they made their aviation blades. I think probably saved countless lives given the rate of accidents over the years.

We’ve been able to do the same things in pharmaceutical litigation for example and the defective hips litigation over the years. You will not see another metal-on-metal hip replacement for the foreseeable future. That design has failed, but for trial lawyers and us bringing those cases, that type of change wouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, I don’t see politicians, I don’t see Congress acting quickly enough on those cases. When there’s an immediate danger out there, it’s trial lawyers that are able to effect change immediately, hit quickly and frankly they speak the language that the corporations understand which is a verdict often times and a large one of that.