Should a Cyclist Speak to the Other Driver Immediately After a Bike Accident?

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July 11, 2017
Colson Hicks Eidson

In this video, attorney Julie Kane discusses possible steps to take after being involved in a bicycle accident. For example, it is important to cooperate with law enforcement when they arrive at the scene. If you can, you should also speak to the other driver immediately after a bike accident. However, many bicyclists are severely injured and may be incapable of talking to the authorities or witnesses. If so, then our lawyers work to identify as many witnesses as possible and get this information on your behalf.

Video Transcription

Whenever you’re involved in an accident you should definitely talk to the police who are involved. The police come to investigate the cases and they have the obligation to investigate. If you don’t tell them your side of the accident they can’t figure out what happened. So, it’s always important to cooperate with an investigation. If you’re involved in a bicycle accident certainly you should try to get the information of the other people involved, but very often when a bicycle and a car have an accident the bicyclist isn’t able to communicate, the bicyclist often is taken for medical attention. So, it’s very important in those cases, and we’re very careful in those cases to identify all of the witnesses, the eyewitnesses, people who know the area. So, that we can fully investigate those cases, and make sure that we do the right thing for our clients. To reach an attorney at Colson Hicks Eidson please call us at 305-476-7400, or you can find us on the web at