Is the Department of Transportation Responsible for Bike Accidents?

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February 5, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Miami Bike Accident Attorney on DOT Liability

Negligence in road construction and improper signage can cause devastating bike accidents, but is the Department of Transportation to blame? In this video, Miami bike accident injury lawyer Deborah Gander describes the injury of a cyclist months after a road problem should have been fixed.

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Video Transcription:

There is no good reason for why the DOT didn’t fix it as soon as they knew about it. They were sending it through layers of engineers and this engineer had one idea, that engineer had another idea. One engineer specifically said, “We need to go out and put up signs right now and display it, it will work,” but no one was acting on it. Everyone was waiting for someone else to approve an option before anything was done. The easiest thing in the world would have been to go out and put up one of those mobile early warning signs where you can type in the message on it and it changes day to day and simply put up a sign that says, “Cyclists have to walk your bike across this bridge, dangerous gap.” That could have been put up on 5 minutes’ notice and it…nothing of that magnitude, nothing with that level of warning went up for almost four months and during that time my client was injured.

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