Do Aviation Cases Go to Trial Often?

Attorney Curt Miner Explains Plane Crash Litigation

What happens when you sue the airline? Lawyer Curtis B. Miner has been involved in many plane crash lawsuits, and he rarely sees these claims end up in an actual courtroom. In many cases, insurance policies provide fair compensation for victims and family members of lost loved ones. The challenge involves figuring out who is responsible for these deaths and injuries.

Video Transcription:

It’s very rare for an international aviation case to go to trial, and the reasons are fairly simple. In the vast majority of those cases, virtually all the cases, there are insurance policies that cover the airline, so the cases are really a matter of trying to determine who’s responsible; whether it’s product liability case, whether it’s a case of pilot error, whether it’s a case that has some other cause as well, and having the insurers reach fair and just settlements with the victims of the accident.