Do Product Recalls Ever Happen Too Late? How Do I Know If a Product Has a Recall?

Florida Product Liability Attorney Explains Product Liability

Recalls rarely happen before a defective product has injured a large number of people. In this video, Florida products liability attorney Lewis “Mike” Eidson discusses his history with defective product cases and his involvement in nationwide faulty product litigation. This includes his work in the well-known Firestone tire recall, where defective tires were causing car accidents and injuries.

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Video Transcription:

By the time a recall is issued, you already have in almost every case a large number of people that have already been injured or killed by the product. What they’re trying to do by a recall is to prevent more people from being injured or killed by the product. The Firestone Tires, we were alerted to that problem by a radio/television station in Houston, Texas. They started doing some reports on these cases that started showing up in Texas where these treads would come off, and they started talking about this as a possible defect. They got threatening letters from the manufacturer not to talk about that anymore because there was nothing wrong with the problem. And then, of course, the whole thing exploded and they eventually had to recall 40 million tires.

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