Does Financial Compensation Help Get Justice?

Our Accident Attorneys Understand Your Hardships

In the following video, injury attorney Deborah Gander talks about the role compensation can play after experiencing the loss of a loved one due to the carelessness of another. While our firm is unable to bring back your family member, pursing a wrongful death claim against those responsible can help you and your family begin the grieving process without having to worry about your financial future. Our injury lawyers are committed to gaining the most satisfactory legal resolutions for surviving family members. Contact us today.

Video Transcription:

If I had a bag full of pixie dust and I could give my client back her child, I would do that any day of the week over money. I can’t do that, the jury can’t do that, the judge can’t do that. The best that we can do is go in and get them money that can make their lives easier, and that can provide for people in the future and that also will serve as a deterrent for people who are careless. Knowing that there are consequences to your actions is one of the driving forces in the human spirit. For more information, call us, Colson Hicks Eidson, (305) 476-7400 or check us out on the web: