What is An Example of Medical Negligence?

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December 22, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney Shares A Tragic Story

Medical negligence is surprisingly common and can leave victims with lifelong debilitating injuries or in some cases, result in preventable death. In this video, medical malpractice attorney Deborah Gander discusses a tragic medical negligence and birth injury case involving a nurse’s gross misconduct. Although no amount of money could ever truly compensate the family for such a devastating loss, the substantial verdict made it clear that medical negligence resulting in birth injury is unacceptable.

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Video Transcription:

There was a woman who was married to a serviceman, and so she was delivering her child at a Naval hospital. A resident who had already failed her obstetrical rotation had been put back in a second obstetrical rotation. She was left alone for hours with my client with obstetricians checking in sporadically, but letting her run the show. She completely misread all of the terrifying information that was right in front of her and by the time the child was delivered, he was catastrophically vegetative. He never had any sensation other than pain. He never opened his eyes, he never spoke. He was probably 2 years old before he cried for the first time and that was the only external act that he was ever able to give his parents.

The verdict that we secured was $60,000,000 and some additional. It allowed the child to have therapy that Medicaid was refusing. To the parents, to have 24-hour care in the home so that the mother, who, as she said, slept with one eye open, could go to sleep, so that a nurse could be there, and she knew there was someone there to take care of her child. It allowed some level of convenience in a life that is now completely inconvenient and overwhelming because it revolves around a child whose needs are, and always will be overwhelming.

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