Where Do I File a Lawsuit Against a Negligent Cruise Line?

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December 22, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

FL Cruise Ship Accident Attorney Explains

Florida is the cruise capital of the world, with even foreign cruise lines operating out of Miami-Dade County. In this video, cruise ship injury attorney Mike Eidson explains where you can bring a lawsuit against negligent cruise lines. Our firm represents people throughout the country for injuries and assaults that occur on cruise ships.

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Video Transcription:

This is the cruise capital of the world. And most of the Carnival Cruise lines for example, 25% of all the people who go on an ocean cruise are going on a Carnival ship. You don’t always know it because they go under a lot of different names, like Costa Cruise Lines is owned 100% by Carnival. They own a lot of different lines and I think they have 10 or 12 cruise companies around the world. Most all those companies are located in Miami-Dade County. Norwegian/Caribbean Lines is in Dade County, for example, that’s another very, very large cruise company. The three largest ones are in Miami. There are several smaller ones that operate mainly in the Caribbean. All of them have Miami/Dade or Broward County venue selection provisions. If you need help with a legal problem call Colson Hicks Eidson, 305-476-7400.