How Do I Find an Aviation Accident Lawyer?

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March 31, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Miami Plane Crash Lawyer Explains Dedication to Airplane Accident Victims

Plane crashes often have numerous victims from different jurisdictions, and the cases resulting from plane accidents are incredibly complex. Oftentimes, they involve international laws and treaties. If you need a plane crash lawyer, research what firms have handled complex aviation cases in the past. In this video, international plane crash attorney Curtis Miner explains his passion for handling aviation accident cases.

Video Transcription:

I have always been both interested and passionate about working on international aviation cases. That’s largely for two reasons. One, these cases can be very complex. The issue of which law applies, which jurisdiction is appropriate can involve a lot of strategic and intellectual and complicated decisions. And I know that the airline companies and their insurers are extremely well represented by very good lawyers who’ve been doing this for a very long time. So I know how important it is for individual passengers who’ve never been involved in anything like this before to have good counsel on their side. I know how important it is to try to level the playing field by having good advocates on the passenger’s side to go up against the insurance companies and the airlines. The second reason is I like representing real people. I like having clients, I like working for families that I know, that I meet that can pick up the phone and call me, that can send me an email, that I can call. I like having real human beings as my clients.

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