Should I Give a Statement to an Insurance Company?

Miami Premises Liability Attorney Explains Dangers of Talking to Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may contact you following an accident in order to take a statement from you. This gesture may appear cordial on the surface, but actually, any statement you give will be used against you to prevent you from receiving damages for your suffering and injuries. The insurance companies, even your own insurer, are not on your side. Their job is to protect their bottom line and make profits. They do this by minimizing or denying claims to their own policyholders. In this video, Miami premises liability attorney Joe Kalbac explains when you should and should not give a statement to an insurance company without your own lawyer at your side.

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Video Transcription:

If after a premises liability incident where you’re injured or someone’s killed, if someone from the defendant, from the property owner or from the insurance company calls you and wants a statement, I would respectfully decline. I would consult with attorneys to find out if, in fact, you should or shouldn’t give a statement, and if you give a statement what information you should provide or not provide. What the insurance companies are trying to do when they try to take a statement is to get information from you, sometimes before you realize how injured you are, or get information that helps with their defense. Once you advise an insurance agent or an insurance adjuster or even a defendant, a property owner, that you’re represented by counsel, they do not have a right to talk to you without permission of your counsel. The insurance company for a property owner represents themselves. They have a duty, an obligation, to the property owner, but at the end of the day they’re looking out for their own interest, not your interest.

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