Are Golf Course Accidents Serious?

Florida Personal Injury Attorney Lewis “Mike” Eidson Explains Why Golf Course Accidents are Serious

It’s a common misconception that nothing bad can happen on a golf course. The truth is, golf course injuries are almost always serious. In this video, premises liability attorney Lewis “Mike” Eidson explains why golf course accidents happen and how victims are affected. At Colson Hicks Eidson, we work with the best golf course designers in the country to show our clients were harmed by negligence.

Video Transcription

I’d like to talk to you about cases that happen on golf courses. And you probably think well there’s nothing that can happen on a golf course that could give rise to a lawsuit, but there is, there are things that can happen and we’ve handled those cases. We had a case one time that involved a golf course design. We had a tee, it was actually lined up so that if you hit the ball straight, it invariably would go into the next fairway. So these four guys were teeing off, one of them hit a good shot. It flew out. It went over the fairway and hit a woman in the face and knocked her eye out. We got the best golf course designers in the country who said this is not a permissible design. It’s dangerous, it’s defective, and it’s going to cause injuries like this. And then we research all over the country and find out how many other cases similar to this there have been, and we put together a case, and we were successful in resolving that case for her. Another type of case we’ve had is where the road that the golf cart was supposed to be on was too steep and the golf cart flipped over. People were on the golf cart. They were going the speed you could drive. But it was not safe. And that resulted in a serious personal injury. And we handle those kind of cases every day. Those are what I call recreational cases. Call Colson Hicks Eidson, 305-476-7400, or go to our website, for more information.