What Happened in the Ford Firestone Tire Blowout Cases?

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February 25, 2019
Colson Hicks Eidson

Miami Products Liability Attorney Explains Firestone Tread Separation Accidents

The product defect class action lawsuit involving Firestone tires involved several tire blowouts and rollover accidents, causing personal injury and wrongful death to car drivers and passengers. In this video, Florida class action lawsuit attorney Mike Eidson explains what caused the defective tire accidents and how he and his personal injury law firm was leading the way in the Firestone class action lawsuit.

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Video Transcription:

In the Firestone case, the car was also implicated. They made these tires for Firestone Explorer, the Wilderness and the ATX were primarily originally equipment on millions and millions and millions of Ford Explorer cars. We felt those cars were defective, defectively designed and prone to roll over without a tire problem. When faced with emergencies on the highway and emergency steering maneuvers, that’s an unstable car. It’s too high and it’s too narrow, the wheelbase is too narrow, and the center of gravity is too high, and when you put those two things together, you have an unstable car. And then you put a tire that has a tread come off at highway speed together with an unstable car and you’re going to end up with a tragedy. Ford Motor Company was a defendant in all these cases, over a thousand cases. Every one of those was settled. Not a single case went to trial because they knew they were liable. And Ford paid part of the settlements and Bridgestone, the owner of Firestone, paid part of those settlements. But they were only settled after we worked those cases to determine why they happened and proved that we would win the case if it went to court.

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