What Happens if I am in a Florida Bus Accident?

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February 12, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Attorney Deborah Gander Explains Liability

Many parties could be responsible for the injuries you sustained in a bus accident: the company who trains the bus driver, the municipal agency responsible for regulating area buses, the driver for acting in negligence and auto companies that manufacture faulty components or install them incorrectly. As bus accident lawyer Deborah Gander explains here, the best bet is to speak with an attorney immediately so she can start building a case with the best evidence.

Video Transcription

In a bus accident case that I handled, my client was waiting to get on a Metro bus. While it was stopped, she was tying her shoe and fell under the Metro bus. Although there are mirrors all over a Metro bus, and the policies and procedures of Metro Dade County require the driver to do a certain order of looking in the mirrors before they pull off, this driver had failed to do that and he drove off over my client, dragging her down the street behind the bus.

She had a degloving injury, which means from her shoulder to her wrist the skin was stripped off down to the muscle and the bone. That was how the paramedics found her, and she…extremely fortunate to be in Miami Dade County where we have Ryder Trauma Center right over at Jackson. Those doctors worked very hard and they were able to get her back a lot of function, but not full function. Certainly the cosmetic result was horrifying. It was never going to get better in that regard. We were able to get full compensation for her injury.

In addition, because it was in Metro Dade County, there is a cap on that, and to get the excess amount over what the jury gives vs. what the cap is, we had to get a bill passed through the legislature and get the legislature to vote to pay this lady her money. We handled that aspect as well, and my client did get paid. She did get compensated.