How Can I Get Medical Records Online?

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May 11, 2017
Colson Hicks Eidson

In industries all over the country, information has transitioned from hard files to electronic data, and the medical field is no exception. A person can gain access to these electronic medical records online by requesting them from the provider, or an attorney can assist them. Here’s Colson Hicks Eidson partner and medical malpractice attorney Joseph Kalbac to explain the how electronically stored medical records is changing the way lawyers investigate cases of possible medical malpractice.

Video Transcription:

Electronic medical records, I don’t think are very good because it allows anybody to input into the medical records. Part of what we do in a medical negligence case is we try to access, and we do access, a system in the hospitals whereby we can tell who logged onto a patients file and who made a particular entry. In the older days, the doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners had to write in on the medical chart. But that’s no longer the case, in most cases. I have seen things where people deleted things on a medical chart. Especially on the electronic records. I’ve seen where they’ve changed things, written things in. And that’s part of what we do. There’s experts that help us do that. There is a trail everywhere. And people don’t really realize that almost everything you do in life these days has a trail. Matter of fact, one of the greatest vehicles we have. One of the greatest tools we have to discover whether something is missing from a medical chart is the medical billing. And the reason for that is, I promise you that healthcare practitioner is going to bill for whatever they do whether it’s in the chart or not. So, we’ve discovered many times that something was done where it was denied that it was done. We’ve found many times where something wasn’t done when it was told to us that things were done. My name is Joe Kalbac, if you need more information, please call me at area code 305-476-7400. Or call our firm, Colson Hicks Eidson, at the same number. Or feel free to visit our website at