How Do Attorneys Investigate Truck Accidents?

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April 13, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Preserve Evidence by Calling a Lawyer as Soon as You Can

After a truck accident, your attorney will begin the process of building your case. This means recreating the scene, nailing down a timeline of events, requesting evidence from the trucking company and proving that the accident caused your injuries. Even if you suspect that the accident was your fault, contact a truck accident lawyer like Joe Kalbac who has experience resolve truck crash claims for personal injury victims. There is no charge to meet with our truck accident attorneys and find out what to do about your losses.

Video Transcription:

The first thing we do after being retained in a trucking accident case, is get either an investigator or preferably an accident reconstruction expert that we might even fly in from somewhere else to the United States, because we only use the best experts in the United States.

The first thing we do after a truck accident is get to the scene. We get to the scene and we document each and every mark on the roadway, we document the damage to the vehicle, both vehicles, or as many vehicles as were involved, and we send a preservation letter to the trucking company and to the driver of the trucking company. If there is a mechanic involved or a maintenance company, we send a preservation letter to them.

The reason we do that is because once we send that letter, they have a legal obligation to keep that evidence, and most often that evidence is what results in a good verdict.