How Do You Know If You Are Being Investigated for a White Collar Crime?

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February 16, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Our Accident Lawyer Explains the Signs

In this video, injury lawyer Curtis Miner discusses the ways in which you may discover that you or your business is a part of an ongoing criminal investigation by the federal government. Our team of white collar criminal defense attorneys has assisted many clients, from business executives to Fortune 500 companies, under investigation for criminal matters. Speak with the injury attorneys of Colson Hicks Eidson today for more information about your legal rights.

Video Transcription:

Someone who’s being investigated by the federal government, or even various state law enforcement authorities, can sometimes be the last one to know. If an investigation is being done secretly and it’s being done carefully, the target of investigation may not know until the investigation is well down its path. That said, typically someone who’s under investigation will find out in one of a couple of different ways.

One—They’ll receive a subpoena for their business records or the company that they work for will receive a subpoena, or they’ll hear through word of mouth because a colleague or someone else that they worked with or done business with them in the past will receive a subpoena.

Third—They may actually receive a target letter from the U.S. Attorneys’ office, from the Department of Justice, and that’s a formal notification by law enforcement authorities that you are the target of a criminal investigation.

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