How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Attorney?

Lawyer Curt Miner Explains Contingency Fees

Lawyers handle most personal injury cases, including plane crash lawsuits, on a contingency fee basis. That means the attorney only receives a portion of your award as a fee; if the case is unsuccessful, the attorney charges no fees. Note that this may not account for basic court costs.

Video Transcription

After an aviation accident, when a person makes the decision they need to contact a lawyer, one of their first questions is naturally going to be, “How much is it going to cost me?” There’s going to be concern whether this is going to cost them money in order to pursue their claim. Aviation cases, though, are pursued on what’s called a contingency fee, or a better way to think of it maybe is a success fee.

In other words, the person who’s been the victim of the accident doesn’t pay anything to their lawyers. They don’t pay them an hourly fee, they don’t pay them a flat sum upfront. Rather, the lawyer’s pay is dependent on the case having a successful outcome. If a recovery is made, either a settlement or after a trial, then the lawyer will share in the recovery that goes to the client. For more information, you can give us a call at (305) 476-7400, or visit our website at