If I Lose My Case, Can I Automatically Appeal It?

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July 28, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Our Florida Appeal Attorney Explains the Appeals Process

Appeals may allow an unsuccessful party to have a case revisited by a higher court, but losing a court case does not automatically grant the party the right of appeal. Listen to appeal attorney Maureen Lefebvre clarify appellate law and the process of convincing a court to revisit legal claims in this video. If you would like to discuss the appeals process with our nationally recognized personal injury law firm near Miami, or if you would like to discuss another legal matter, call Colson Hicks Eidson at 305-476-7400 or fill out our convenient online case review form for a free consultation.

Video Transcription:

There are generally legal arguments that have to do with evidence and terms of whether or not evidence was improperly admitted, whether or not there was support for the evidence, but it’s primarily legal arguments. The appellate court will decide whether or not there were mistakes made at trial and whether or not those mistakes were sufficiently harmful that you are entitled to a new trial or not. That’s basically what appellate work involves. A lot of legal issues are resolved at the trial level before you ever get to the appellate court. A lot of appellate work is legal issues that’s not just done at the appellate level, it has to be set up at the trial level before you ever get to an appellate court.