What are the Most Important Factors in Truck Accidents?

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February 12, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Truck Crash Lawyers for Serious and Fatal Wrecks

Truck accidents are vastly complex areas of litigation. The driver, his employer, the truck manufacturer, repair shops and agencies responsible for maintaining safe roads could all be responsible for injuries or deaths that occur on the road. As truck accident attorney Joseph Kalbac describes in this video, the most important thing to do after a truck crash is to speak with an attorney. These companies have many parties that act quickly to protect the trucking company from liability, and if you wait too long, importance evidence may have “disappeared.”

Video Transcription:

The most important thing in trucking accidents is to be immediately on the scene, or to demand the evidence immediately. People don’t realize it, but what happens in a trucking accident is each major trucking company has insurance carriers that have people who deal directly with the accidents, and often times are on the scene within minutes of the accident happening.

They then gather all of the evidence, including the most important evidence usually in a trucking accident are marks on the roadway, photographs of the scene, as well as the logs of the truck drivers.

Trucking accidents often turn on whether or not the driver himself has complied with very stringent federal regulations that govern their hours of operation, their hours of driving, their hours of work, their hours of rest and their medical conditions. Often times those records are gathered and destroyed, they’re altered.

What’s really important when we get involved in a trucking accident case is to get to the scene immediately, document it, get our experts to the scene, get our investigators to the scene, find out who the witnesses are, and document the physical evidence as well as demand that the insurance company and the trucking company preserve the logs and other written documents necessary for us to investigate a case.