How Has the Internet Changed Practicing Law?

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December 22, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

Nationwide Litigation Attorney on Internet Investigation in White Collar Criminal Defense

The field of legal practice has been drastically altered by the advent of the internet. In this video, Miami litigation attorney Curtis Miner explains the immense potential of the internet for electronic discovery in cases involving white collar criminal defense and government investigations.

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Video Transcription:

The advent of the internet and the prevalence of the internet has caused all sort of seismic changes in law practice, but here’s just a couple of examples in the world of white collar criminal defense, or defense of government investigations. One, on the plus side, it’s an incredible investigative tool. When you’re an attorney in private practice, representing a private citizen, you won’t have all the tools that the federal government has of FBI agents at your disposal, the ability to issue search warrants, the ability to have a grand jury issue grand jury subpoenas. The internet itself may not be as powerful as those tools, but it can be a very powerful tool.

On the flip side, on the negative side, it’s amazing what a digital track record we all leave. People are subject to criminal investigations, not just on things as simple as social media, or the trail they leave on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter, but all sorts of other ways in which things you do through the internet, things you do through your cell phone are leaving a digital track record that law enforcement authorities are increasingly becoming more and more sophisticated in being able to track down that track record.

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